ECOTITE Daily Work Record

This Daily Work Record must be completed at the beginning of each day, each time a material batch is changed and when the job site is changed within a given day.

General Information

Daily Work Record #



Email Address


Installer Certification #


Apprentice Certification #

Project Information

Project Name

Street Address



Customer Name


Ventilated 0.3 ACH

Spray Area Isolated

Material Information



Product Type

Material CCMC #

Lot # - A Component

Expiry Date - A Component

Lot # - B Component

Expiry Date - B Component

Quantity of foam used (today)

Equipment Information

Proportioner Model

Hose Length

Primary Heater Temperature (°C or °F)

Hose Temperature (°C or °F)

Pressure - A Side

Pressure - B Side

Environmental Conditions

Ambient Temp (°C or °F)

Relative Humidity

Wind Velocity (km/h)

Substrate Temp (°C or °F)

Substrate Conditions

Substrate Type

Was The Substrate Clean

Was The Substrate Dry

Properly Fastened / Proper Adhesion

Special Conditions

Primer Required

If Yes Provide Details

Exterior Coating Required:

Interior Thermal Barrier:

Test Results

Weight of Sample (g)

Volume Displaced (ml)

NOTE: Density = g ÷ ml x 1000

Calculated Density (kg/m³)

Minimum Required Density (kg/m³)

Site Density equal or greater

Adhesion Test

Cohesion Test

Number of Passes

Thickness per Pass (mm)

Total Foam Thickness (mm)

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