Drum Disposal

Isocyanate Drums

The following decontamination procedure has been proven to be effective for emptied and well-drained isocyanate drums:
(The decontamination must be carried out in properly ventilated areas.)

  • Spray or pour 5 to 25 L of decontamination solution into the drum making sure the walls are well rinsed. (This can be achieved by use of a spray head or by rolling the drum for several minutes.)
  • Leave the drum standing unsealed for 25 h to allow complete reaction. Avoid sealing of the drum to prevent build-up of pressure by evolved carbon dioxide.
  • Pour out liquid decontaminant into storage vessel.
    (This solution can be used several times.)
  • The empty decontaminated drums can then be crushed and landfill or scrapped, as appropriate.

The following formulations of liquid decontaminates are principally designed for use in emergency situations, drum disposal, spillage, etc. (the percentages may be expressed by weight or by volume):

Formula 1

  • Water (85-90%)
  • Concentrated ammonia solution (3-8%)
  • Liquid detergent (0.2-5%)

Formula 2

  • Water (90-95%)
  • Sodium carbonate (5-10%)
  • Liquid detergent (0.2-5%)

Resin Drums

No special precautions are required for disposal of waste resin components or their containers.
These can be disposed after draining by crushing and landfill or scrapped, as appropriate.